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About Us


To amend Title VII of the Civil Rights Act to include “fashion” and to make the protected groups so long that it would make sense to change it to “prohibits employment discrimination” period. To that end, Lavoce sells information that has the will to change lives and revolutionize the way customers understand themselves and others and to sell products that promote open-mindedness and faith in humanity. Once we have achieved that mission, a new one will encompass world laws, not just American laws. Our secondary mission is to make the world suitable for freaks and make freaks suitable for the world.


To educate the masses about the other masses to thus end discrimination and dehumanization, to show love and hope to the downtrodden, and to use money and numbers (of people) to bring about large-scale sustainable revolutions of thought.


To enlighten and to persuade moderates and both extremes to love, honor, and cherish their neighbors and not just to tolerate them.

About the logo

“La Voce” means “the voice” in Italian. Unity of the two words into “Lavoce” symbolizes the unity we seek with our brethren. What is our voice? Clothing. Up until now clothing has been what separates wage slave from starving artist. Upgrade the wage. Take out the slave. Take out the starving. In the future we’ll have salaried artists. The gray color alludes to the gray areas of American society. Most companies avoid the color gray, which makes Lavoce unique. The black in the rainbow refers to Goths. However, even though Goths are known for wearing black, we understand that wearing black every day can get a little boring. Nothing is black and white; all is in a spectrum of gray. The rainbow stands for diversity and the GLBT section of the audience. The star and stripes of the rainbow refers to the company’s American origins.


Our responsibility to customers is in building relationships through empathy.

Our responsibility to employees is teamwork and training.

Our responsibility to the community is awareness.

Our responsibility to sponsors is honesty and transparency.

Our responsibility to ourselves is to focus on the mission.

Fun Fact

Lavoce only uses body text styles in printed materials; never normal styles.

Unique Feature

Lavoce is a store with a message. Lavoce is where customers and employees can wear (mostly) whatever they want.

Thank You to Our Sponsors

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