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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Lavoce’s Directory?

Lavoce: We Are People Too, Inc.’s annual Lavoce’s directory is the only worldwide directory connecting Goth and alternative lifestyle businesses, consumers, employers, and jobseekers. For now, it is only available in American English.

What is a Goth-friendly or alternative lifestyle business?

A Goth-friendly or alternative lifestyle business is open to hiring Goths and other eccentrics and providing them a safe space for them to be themselves throughout the workweek. For purposes of explanation, Lavoce uses this definition of Goth by Faye Marie Getz in 1991: “an interest in distant and exotic places and times, especially in the Middle Ages and the Orient; the celebration of the power of nature and the ineffability of nature’s essence; the unity of disparate elements – of good and evil, the hideous and the beautiful, the dead and the living; the seduction of the primitive and wild in nature, of the bizarre; the insignificance of human beings against nature; the existence of geniuses; the importance of individual experience; and finally the emphasis on suffering, death, and redemption.”

How do businesses get Lavoce’s seal of approval?

In order to get into Lavoce’s Directory the staff must agree that the products are something they would use and/or recommend to friends and family. To get Lavoce’s seal of approval, businesses must be willing to sponsor Lavoce’s Directory at the level of $7,500 per year and be open to all four of the following:

  • Our company pledges to have non-discriminatory practices.
  • We have or are willing to hire people from alternative cultures.
  • We are an alternative-owned business.
  • We have or are willing to hire people with visible facial alterations (tattoos, unique contact lenses, fangs, elf ears, etc.) and/or tattooed hands

Lavoce’s seal of approval is comparable to TAG approved.

How do I advertise my business through the Lavoce Directory?


How do I get involved as an invididual?

Member dues start at $... To join, email

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