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How to Use Lavoce's Directory

How to Use Lavoce’s Directory

Look for Lavoce’s Seal of Approval



! Best in category

$$$ Affordable for rich

$$ Affordable for upper middle class

$ Affordable for middle class

-- Affordable for student/senior

--- Affordable for starving artist or free


Advertisers are required to check one of the following statements and sign it with their signature.

  • Our company pledges to have non-discriminatory practices.
  • We have or are willing to hire people from alternative cultures.
  • We are an alternative-owned business.
  • We have or are willing to hire people with visible facial alterations (tattoos, unique contact lenses, fangs, elf ears, etc.) and/or tattooed hands

One choice: bronze level, two choices: silver level, three choice: gold level, and all four choices: platinum level plus Lavoce’s seal of approval

* Bronze certification

** Silver certification

*** Gold certification

Lavoce’s seal of approval: Platinum

The print directory costs $32. The PDF directory costs $25. Refer us and get a $5 discount!


Disclaimer: We do not discriminate against normies, non-Goths, or closeted Goths.

Disclaimer: Sorry, we do not promote Satanist or Marilyn Manson products because we do not want to promote negative stereotypes.

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