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July 31, 2015

To Whom It May Concern:

Promote Your Business with Lavoce’s Directory!

Welcome to the preliminary edition of Lavoce’s Directory!

Lavoce: We Are People Too, Inc. (Lavoce) is proud to present the first international directory for Goths, tattoo artists, skateboarders, and others who live alternative lifestyles, or anyone whose clothing is outside the norm. This directory has more categories than any other online Goth directory. This is the most comprehensive directory available because being Goth affects all aspects of life.

Our commitment is driven by the need to help Goths, and others who look outside the norm, to feel safe to be themselves in their day-to-day jobs. This directory is the first and only directory of employers who hire people from alternative lifestyles. It has the potential to connect those who feel alone in this world to established organizations and areas of the world where Goths feel more accepted. It will build sustaining partnerships with existing organizations and revitalize the community by helping new organizations grow. Lavoce will also support Goth jobseekers to promote job skills training and workplace etiquette.

If you are seeing this, then you are an employer that seems open to hiring people from alternative lifestyles.

I am writing to encourage your company to come forward as an openminded employer. The entries in this directory are gray because they have only been proposed but have not yet been confirmed or paid. I have included your company’s link in the first edition of this directory, but will need further information from you going forward. Don’t worry about getting calls from immature teenagers because this directory is targeted to grown-up Goths searching for an employer that will let them be themselves 40 hours a week more than before. Always remember that those who stand out, stand for something.

Your payment will not only demonstrate your company’s commitment to diversity but will also help your company find the right people for the job should you be seeking to hire (and are open to teleworking). Not only will this act benefit Goths around the world, but it will benefit the world economy. Not only would we be happy to receive your payment, but we would be honored. It will only cost $25 to keep your link in the directory or $130/yr for the basic advertising cost. If you start an advertising plan before November 1, 2015, you'll get $5 back. Your payment will help pay for printing and shipping costs, as well as other overhead expenses.

The minimum cost to activate your ad is $25, but if you are willing to spare more, I would like to request your support of Lavoce’s Directory at the sponsorship level of $600/yr. Sponsors at this level receive a half-page ad with the company logo and banner and explicit acknowledgment in all publicity material. We have about 300 pages of businesses, so your ad will have broad circulation. Reach targeted customers all over the world! See the next page for the advertising pricing structure.

Lavoce is a corporation based in Washington DC that was founded in 2010. Our mission: To amend Title VII of the Civil Rights Act to include “fashion” and to make the protected groups so long that it would make sense to change it to “prohibits employment discrimination” period.

I hope I can count on your support. Beyond the sponsorship level of commitment, I am interested in exploring with you a closer strategic relationship between your company and ours.

Thank you for your time and consideration. If there are any questions about this letter, please do not hesitate to contact me at

If ads are getting attention, then we’ll show them getting attention!


                                                                                                                                                eBo Young, President of Operations

Note: If English was not your favorite school subject or if English is your second language, no need to fear; we have a proofreader on staff. 

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