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Welcome from the Executive Director

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the first edition of Lavoce’s Directory!

This is the first international directory for Goths, freaks, rebels, tattoo artists, skateboarders, eccentrics, and others who live alternative lifestyles, or anyone whose clothing is outside the norm. This directory has more categories than any other online Goth directory, which only makes sense since Goths are the most diverse and open culture. For example, Goth retail has a higher tendency to cater to plus-size men and women than the average retailer. Unlike the resources you might find online, all information is current. You won’t find any links that were already dead in the ‘90s. You’ll also find references to new types of Goths that arrived on the scene after the 90s, such as Steampunk Goths (inspired by Jules Verne), Health Goths (edgy workout clothing), Neo Grunge Goths (grunge with plaid), Ninja Goths (high end designer style), and Street Goths (black rapper style).

Depending on your location, it might appear that there are not as many Goths today as there were in the late 70s-early 90s. There are a couple of reasons for that. First, that’s only because wheat has been sorted from the chaff. True Goths will always be Goth even if they don’t “look” like Goths (have you ever seen the inside of a Goth’s house?). Another possible reason is that Goths are the most diverse and open culture so even if they do not flourish in your country they might flourish in another. Or there are so many types of Goths that you might not realize that the Goths you see are even Goths since traditional Goth is only one type.

Though Goth is a word that has no official definition, for the sake of this directory, we will use the definition by Faye Marie Getz in 1991: “an interest in distant and exotic places and times, especially in the Middle Ages and the Orient; the celebration of the power of nature and the ineffability of nature’s essence; the unity of disparate elements – of good and evil, the hideous and the beautiful, the dead and the living; the seduction of the primitive and wild in nature, of the bizarre; the insignificance of human beings against nature; the existence of geniuses; the importance of individual experience; and finally the emphasis on suffering, death, and redemption.”

What is true and authentic (True Goths) will always conquer what is false, such as phase Goths or demi-Goths. These Goths (or the like) may already have good jobs and good salaries, but they may be looking for a better fit (and we’re not just talking about clothing). It is about time to give these Goths some freedom to thrive.

You hold in your hand the best resources for creating a safe and welcoming world for alternative lifestyles in which you and your offspring would want to live. The steps we take support our economy and help provide employment options for those who will not compromise their values.

At Lavoce: We Are People Too, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient.

Lavoce has organized this directory by types of Goths and other categories. Since most non-closeted Goths struggle in the job market, most items in the directory are affordably priced. Of course, we do have the expensive options for the high rollers as well. Turn the pages to discover tons of online clothing retail stores, Goth-friendly businesses from around the world, and unique businesses you never knew existed. This directory has a variety of alternative resources to help you live your chosen lifestyle 24/7.

eBo Young, Executive Director

Source Cited:

Getz Faye Marie (1991). Black Death And The Silver Lining: Meaning, Continuity, And Revolutionary Change In Histories Of Medieval Plague. Journal Of The History Of Biology, 24 (2), 265-89 PMID: 11612554

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